Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in June of 2015 largely to just see what it had been about. I signed up for a free account in Wealthy Affiliate but upgraded to their compensated Premium membership the very following day. Now I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for approximately 7 monthsI decided it’s finally time to write a Wealthy Affiliate review along with my findings on whether that is a fantastic program to join together or not.

My intent is not to make this Wealthy Affiliate review yet another electronic sales pitch. As I hunted for Wealthy Affiliate reviews, I noticed the great majority of them are extremely one-sided, do not offer you any other alternatives, and are only biased sales pitches out of affiliate marketers seeking to make a buck. In MY Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m going to do things somewhat differently. Here are some of the topics I’d like to cover…

  • The way I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and I personally signed up
  • What you receive with the FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership option
  • Everything you receive together with all the PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate membership choice
  • Things I LIKE about Wealthy Affiliate
  • Items I DON’T LIKE about Wealthy Affiliate
  • Who should register for Wealthy Affiliate
  • Who should NOT sign up for Wealthy Affiliate
  • Option training programs to Take into Account besides Wealthy Affiliate

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Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

The Way I Found Wealthy Affiliate And Why I Signed Up

So really, the reason I personally signed up for Wealthy Affiliate is likely much different than the motive YOU need to register. Chances are, you would like to know about how to earn money on the internet legally, find out how to build a website, how to site, and furthermore, how to make money with that blog. I wasn’t looking for this. I already knew how to do all of that stuff. Instead, I signed up as a way to vet the training, tools, and tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate since I wanted to see whether it was something I really could promote on this very website you’re reading.

Obviously, I was dismissed pretty fast. Even by signing up for their free membership option, it was very evident that Wealthy Affiliate does things differently. The neighborhood, listed training, live continuing weekly training sessions, live chat, and support alternatives, and business-like approach for novices to pros alike really blew my own mind.

So anyhow, I had a exceptional reason for signing up at Wealthy Affiliate. Rather than wanting to master out of Wealthy Affiliate, I wished to see whether it had been something worth promoting this website. Little did I know how much I would learn anyway!

I have not been boosting Wealthy Affiliate for extended and results aren’t Earth-shattering amounts, but here is how much I’ve made on Wealthy Affiliate over the past week.

Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

What You Get With The FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option

I’m a HUGE fan of the”freemium” business design. Wealthy Affiliate follows the version by supplying a free membership accounts. The free membership provides you limited access into the Wealthy Affiliate dash. Some of your accessibility lasts indefinitely, such as a few of the training videos and neighborhood attributes, while other features only endure for a limited time, like the live chat feature. Here is what you get with all the free Wealthy Affiliate Membership:

  • Live Help — First Seven Days
  • 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training — Phase 1 Only
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool — 30 Searches
  • Training Classrooms — two
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1-on-1 Coaching — First Seven Days

Would you run a successful company by only using the free membership option at Wealthy Affiliate? You can, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Instead, I suggest that you sign up for your own free Wealthy Affiliate membership as a way to try things out. Honestlythe free membership is set up for a bit of a teaser for you to sign up for premium eventually, but the majority of us expect that moving in. What is nice about it is you can judge for your self, based on the free membership, while it is worth it for you to register for premiumquality. In the end, only you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is high quality or not. You’ll get more than enough of a notion by registering for their free membership choice. Normally, about 1 in every eight individuals upgrade to a premium membership.

Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

What It Looks Like Inside Wealthy Affiliate

What You Get With The PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option

The premium Wealthy Affiliate membership is at which you receive access to everything. If you are intent on building an online business, I haven’t in my 8 years in this industry seen such an amazing community full of help, tools, and tools. I have been a member of several other internet advertising sites, however this one blows the rest of these from the water.

The biggest problem I’ve had with previous training programs and marketing communities is the way outdated they get. Having a Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, you don’t need to be worried about that. New training are included everyday containing live weekly video training sessions. You can also search and browse past training they have created through the years. Using a premium membership, you also get unlimited access to neighborhood characteristics which is one of my favourite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. I spend hours every day simply texting and chatting people who clicked in my Wealthy Affiliate affiliate link. When they use my link to register, I get notified, and the personal one-on-one coaching might begin. No other platform has provided this option before.

Here are some of the things that are included using the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

  • Live Help — Unlimited
  • Private Messaging — Unlimited
  • 50 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course — Full Access
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training — All Phases (7)
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool — Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms — two
  • Affiliate Program — 2x Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching — Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

If you add up all the services that you purchase, then the premium membership is really a steal. For instance, you’ll notice they incorporate unlimited keyword research using a membership. Other compensated keyword research tools market for $49 or more simply by themselves.

Add in website hosting, and there’s an additional $10 / mo.. Add on the website security bundle, and there’s another $10 monthly (I’ve paid as much as $29 / mo just for website safety ). Simply based on these things independently, Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent deal with all of the tools and tools you need in one handy place. And of course all the training, tutorials, and service that’s involved with the membership.

Yes, it costs money, however, starting any business takes an investment. The secret is to spend wisely, be frugal, and be certain you’re investing in the perfect things. With Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you’re absolutely getting absolutely everything you will want to start a successful small business online. In the training to the web building tools to the website hosting, backup, security, and service — it is all there in 1 area at a really affordable price. Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Wealth Affiliate PROS

I realize my bias is currently showing through, and I’ll get to what I DON’T like about Wealthy Affiliate below. But, as I’ve previously stated, general I don’t know of any other area that’s better for brand new affiliate marketers to begin than Wealthy AffiliateMarketing. If you take a look around my site, you’ll see I’ve invested a TON of time on it. I have spent many years of my life building this site, and also there are currently almost 500 posts herefor free, for everybody. It’s in my very best interest to promote only the very best training course along with that training course is Wealthy Affiliate.

Want to learn a little secret about this website? When I first began this site, I just planned on monetizing by promoting my OWN affiliate marketer training course. About halfway through creating my course, I realized I would never be able to supply the kind of superior product I thought. Even though I could, it would become outdated so fast that in just a few years, I would not be able to sell it .

One of the reasons I like Wealthy Affiliate is because it enables me to supply this site for free for individuals, but also be able to sell a genuinely high-quality product that I understand is always updated and provides a much better service than I ever could. And when people sign up using my affiliate link, I will nevertheless provide one time coaching and support as a means to add value and as a”thank you” for signing up with my connection. Wealthy Affiliate really is a win-win-win setup.

The biggest reason I enjoy advocating Wealthy Affiliate to brand new affiliate marketers is the fact that it actually provides EVERYTHING you will ever need. You don’t need to get a domain name at 1 place then get hosting in a different place at the same time you sign up for training at yet another place. Whatever you will need is in one spot, for one constant monthly cost. Additionally, they don’t just supply the tools, but they give step-by-step training instructions about the best way best to use all the tools correctly. If you still do not understand something, simply ask the neighborhood or go into live chat, and you could get an answer in literally seconds.

Never have I seen any community like Wealthy Affiliate before. It’s a truly unique location, and in an excellent way.

Wealthy Affiliate CONS

As promised, I also want to discuss what I do not like about Wealthy Affiliate. By now it ought to be clear that I’m very pleased with the support, but there’s always space for improvement, right?

1 thing I don’t like is that Wealthy Affiliate mainly focuses on novice to intermediate training. While this makes sense as the great majority of Wealthy Affiliate members are new to the business, I would also like to see some more advanced training provided for all those of us with a decade of experience in the industry. Sometimes even the experts like to be challenged!

I would also love to find a forum built into this platform. Wealthy Affiliate has a special means of building a community and I know why they shy away from a normal forum type of structure. Rather, they would like to promote live chat sessions, blog posts, private messaging, and public questions where people are able to comment below. This sort of setup is really cool occasionally, however I also do enjoy forums where I can only browse by topic.

Wealthy Affiliate is also very strict on spam, which ultimately is a GOOD thing, however I have to be careful occasionally about boosting my sites or referencing them. Sometimes I really do have valuable info on my website that I think could help people during live chat sessions or Q&A’s, but I don’t share because I don’t want it to look like I’m spamming. They do enable individuals to market their sites in some specific places, but in order to keep the neighborhood out of filling with self-promotion spam, then there are occasions when it is best not to discuss specific information from external sources, particularly my own websites.

And finally, I find it is nearly too simple to speak with people! I enjoy helping people and meeting new people within the business, but as a successful affiliate marketer, I do get bombarded with so many inquiries from people I do not even know. For that reason, I attempt to keep my answers prioritized by constantly responding to people who I referred through my affiliate website. But they helped me make a few dollars, so why should not they make priority? While this strategy works, I do sometimes feel bad at my super late reaction times for lots of those trying to get some help.

In general, but I truly do believe that Wealthy Affiliate is your single best location for new affiliate marketers to begin. It’s a wonderful location and by enrolling in the free membership first, I think that it will become obvious to you. Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Who Should Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate?

The primary goal of any review, such as this review of Wealthy Affiliate, is to allow you to decide if you should or should not register or purchase something. For starters, as it is possible to sign up for a free account in Wealthy Affiliate, I think that’s a no-brainer way to proceed. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word for it, go see for your self! There’s no credit card required or anything like that. It is completely free to test.

However, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, so let’s first cover who it is FOR and then I’ll cover more specifically who it is NOT for.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good place for those that are new to the business. Sure, most experienced marketers may also enjoy the benefits of a Wealthy Affiliate membership, but the service is truly created for people who are complete beginners to the industry and will need to understand how to build an internet business from scratch.

There’s also the simple fact that Wealthy Affiliate is not and never promises to be a get-rich-quick strategy. You are going to learn how to create a real, legitimate internet business and one which can make you some serious money, but just as with any other business, it is going to have a whole lot of time, effort, patience, and support along the way. When you’ve got realistic expectations, you are willing to learn from individuals who have succeeded before you, and you are prepared to place at least 6 weeks to your business before you find any profits whatsoever, then Wealthy Affiliate is a good location for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent location for those who wish everything they will need in one place. From market research tools to web construction tools to domain registration, website hosting, website backups, website security, and a lot more, it’s all in 1 spot. AND all those tools include complete step-by-step training videos in addition to a service community that could assist you if you are having difficulty. If you don’t wish to cover 10 distinct firms for 10 unique services you’ll have to conduct your business, register with Wealthy Affiliate to receive everything in 1 location. Wealthy Affiliate actually supplies absolutely everything you’ll want to succeed with your online enterprise. Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Who Should NOT Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate?

While I suggest everyone signs up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate to see what it’s like, an internet business isn’t right for everybody. These will be the kinds of individuals who should steer clear of Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve noticed that a lot of individuals who sign up for Wealthy Affiliate are individuals that are in desperate need of financial help. They could have lost a project or could have suffered some other financial setback like medical troubles. The matter is, there’s no reason why these individuals should avoid Wealthy Affiliate, but a lot have this expectation that they can create a full-time income within a matter of weeks or perhaps a month or two. That is NOT the case. Bear in mind, it takes a normal business 3 years to profit. Luckily, it won’t take long with an online company, but it is going to require substantial time and energy. Should you need an income source quickly, Wealthy Affiliate is not where to provide that. Rather, Wealthy Affiliate educates you how to construct a real, sustainable internet business over a time period that will also persist for a long time.

Basically, anyone who is seeking to earn money fast needs to avoid Wealthy Affiliate. There are loads of”make money fast” e-books and courses on the market, and they’re all a scam (trust me). While Wealthy Affiliate is legit, they will absolutely never assert that they instruct you how you can make money fast. Assembling a valid online business takes time.

Additionally you shouldn’t join Wealthy Affiliate in case you don’t enjoy the community / social element of it. A massive part of Wealthy Affiliate is your capability to communicate with other members. It’s a”help and be helped” community. If you don’t have any interest in setting up your profile, asking questions, encouraging others, chatting at the live chat sessions, or doing any sort of participation, you won’t receive the entire advantage of this service.

If you do not like to write, don’t register for Wealthy Affiliate. The company version that Wealthy Affiliate teaches revolves around producing a lot of excellent content to attract website traffic from search engines. This means, as you build your business, you are going to be writing only about daily, like I do with this very blog you are reading. I’ve already written almost 4,000 phrases in this 1 article , and it’s not even close to being finished yet. Affiliate marketing takes work, also if you’re unable or reluctant to write a TON of content, don’t even think about getting into this. Being a writer is going to end up being your principal occupation.

Ultimately, if you’re only planning on”dipping your toes in the water” to see what affiliate marketing is all about, don’t sign up for the premium membership. The free membership is more than sufficient for you to see what it’s all about. Premium membership should be reserved for people who are in fact serious about building a true company for themselves. If you aren’t in this for the long haul, there’s absolutely not any reason to waste your money. Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Option Training Programs To Consider Besides Wealthy Affiliate

Before I get into some alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate, I want to offer you one MAJOR warning. The”make money online” niche is filled with scammers and people who don’t give a crap on you or taking your money. Be very, very cautious with that which you give your own email, personal info, and credit card info to.

Now that I have that warning from the way, here are some choices you should consider and compare from Wealthy Affiliate:

Affilorama — While I encouraged Affilorama in years past I do for several reasons. It has simply become too obsolete. Affilorama additionally lacks in some of their training. Rather, they concentrate on assisting you to get started fast by designing a website for you and seeding it with content. A number of the discretionary training courses they sell are quite expensive and contrasts to an entire yearly membership in Wealthy Affiliate, therefore that’s why I no longer promote them. Again, they’re worth checking out, however I think Wealthy Affiliate is a far better buy.

Warrior Forum WSO’s — This is the only alternative on the list I will actually tell you to avoid. Warrior Forum WSO’s are nearly always a rip-off and no amount of them is going to adequately teach you how you can really build a true online business. This forum community is possessed by and they will allow just about anybody to sell nearly anything. The majority of them are extremely inexpensive, but when you give them your email , get ready to be spammed. They also almost always include”upsells” in which the first product might just cost a few dollars, but all the other products they market you inside the first product costs more. I will write all day about why you should never purchase a Warrior Forum WSO, but if you would like to get more information, you can read my post about Warrior Forum WSO’s here.

Udemy.comUdemy is an online training platform in which”instructors” can produce courses and sell them to”students”. There are some extremely high quality courses on Udemy made by high quality instructors who really have left a lot of cash online, but there are lots of very low-quality courses also. Most of the greater quality courses are rather pricey, occasionally exceeding $100. Though the training may be helpful, the training on Wealthy Affiliate is excellent too, plus you receive all the tools, community, along with service included as well. Yet again, I think Wealthy Affiliate is your better option.

Free Training Across The Web — Believe it or notmost of the training I’ve received over time are sources I’ve seen for free all over the web. I have shared a LOT of that info with you on this website through my nearly 500 blog posts (to date). But, you should also check out sources like YouTube. It’s true, places like YouTube are filled with scammers and spammers, but combined within these are a few gems.

By way of example, you may look up keynote addresses on affiliate marketing from several conventions, such as Affiliate Summit speakers. Using free content from across the internet is challenging to find out and make sense of, therefore it’s best to use a service such as Wealthy Affiliate since you can find out the things you need to learn, in the sequence you want to know them, without all the distractions. However, as you progress, you may need to learn something specific, at which time you can visit free resources throughout the internet to find out as you require it.

For the most part, there actually aren’t any other high quality affiliate marketer training programs available today. The first couple I listed are really the only other services I would consider over Wealthy Affiliate, however in the end, Wealthy Affiliate is in a league of its own. Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank


I trust you found this Wealthy Affiliate review to be helpful as I set a great deal of time to this, but when I didn’t answer a question which you have, feel free to comment below, and I will attempt to supply you with the best answer I could.

The most important thing is, Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best place I have ever seen to get the training along with all of the tools you’ll ever need in 1 area. In addition, if you register with my affiliate link, I shall personally provide 1 on 1 coaching for you. In the very final, you should think about signing up for the free membership first and see what you think. If you’re serious about developing an online business, my guess is that’ll be satisfied.

Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank

Do Wealthy Affiliate Sites Rank